As the summer is coming to a close and we are all preparing for the fall, I moved… upstairs.  Not the most drastic of moves I have ever made, but it still happened.  I successfully dibs-ed the nicest bedroom in the house: hereby named “the nicest room in the house” because of its THREE windows.  The only real problem I was facing was the wall color: best described as a baby lime who happened to puke itself all over my new abode.

Jordan and I equipped ourselved with Walmart’s cheapest paint ($7 a can) in the colour of “Tea & Honey” which I imagine to have been created thusly:

… and we commenced to paint.  We even got really serious and painted the window frames and doors.  Our efforts endud up being an all day affair- we just stopped to make a quick run to the Home Depot for more door paint and huge plants- and yes, we showed up to the depot in old man shirts and painted hair.  Despit looking like swamp witches, we have fun:

And, if you care to make your own pathetic-sounding drumroll…. HERE is the finished result!


  1. Oh Hollie, the green wasn’t really quite as bad as you made it look on that lovely picture you created…. It was much paler and not quite as bright. But you’re right: it IS the best room in the house. I kind of miss it 😦

    1. it was mighty close at least to that colour! And the green carpet only made it look worse!

  2. whitney andersen · · Reply

    IT’S FABULOUS. fit for a queen, if i do say so myself… LOVES.

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