For those of you who haven’t gathered as much, I live in Utah.  For those of you who wonder WHY, it’s simply because it has the best private university in the US (that doesn’t cost 60,000 a year- thanks for the offer though, Harvard).  One of the other reasons I like residing in this beautiful state is the scenery.  Some of you who know me are laughing now, believing (and rightly so) that all I can really do is enjoy LOOKING, because I just don’t do the hiking and the mountaineering and all of that.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I DO NATURE STUFF.

Haili and I have become quite attached to Deer Creek, in which we do this:

If you can’t tell from the pictures, we “Extreme-Float,” which involves $2 floaties from Smiths, us, and the open waters.

Jordan, Haili and I decided to take it to the next level, and escape on an impromptu trip to southern Utah.  My parents would do this with us all the time.  Whenever we saw Dad at the school gates in his standard weekend rugby shirt and jeans instead of work tie and slacks, we knew we were off on an adventure.

We  waited until we were done with work, then packed up the car and headed south, 80s music rocking us the whole way.  We raced against the sun, but the sun won: (that was pretty damn poetic)

Thanks to my trusty British accent, we scored ourselves a swanky hotel for a VERY reasonable price and rested up for a day of “Extreme Floating.”

“Extreme Floating,” if you didn’t know, involves lying on ones floatie, directly under the sun, while occasionally rowing with ones arms in the direction of ones choice.  We spent the whole day doing just that, until the sun had its wicked way with us and we robotically tip-toed to the car, careful to not agitate our sunkissed skin in 108 F weather.

We ate here:

Utah’s finest Mongolian grill.  You pile up your dish as high as you can (if you’re really serious about getting your money’s worth) and they slap it on the grill and do some fancy twirls as they cook it.

I actually got a semi decent fortune cookie too, which was surprising as 9 times out of 10 my fortune always warns me that I will lose all of my money or my friends will betray me.

We ate as fast as we could because it was hotter than hell in there, and then we slipped into the swanky hotel pool to nurse our sore skin.

Oh, ok fine: here’s one of me stuffing my face:

After finding a random church service the next morning, we walked around the St. George Temple which, in my opinion, is one of the most brilliant buildings in Utah.

We then packed up the car once more and ventured a little north to Zion National Park, one of the most impressive canyons next to the Grand Canyon itself.

The park was beautiful, and even though we were still walking like the honorable guests at a robot convention, we managed to hike a short trail to the much anticipated “Emerald Pools” which were, in reality, moss filled puddles.
I will have you all know that I did said hike in a dress.  I am officially too legit to quit.

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  1. whitney andersen · · Reply

    you are a gem. what a lovely little vay-cay. those flowers on the temple grounds were so beautiful too!

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