AMERICA DAY!  Or as we british like to lament, “THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY-DAY.”  I for one have had a fantastic weekend (minus the whole arachnid debacle).  I know most of you are intrigued by the “peepers” part of the headline (pervy little so-and-so’s)- that’ll come later, if you can hold on that long.

The weekend began with the COWBOY BENNY that Anna and I devoured in honor of her BIRTHDAY!  The COWBOY BENNY is an all-american treat that consists of biscuits, gravy, bacon, sausage, and sweet potato hash browns.  God bless GURUs on center street and their team of excellent chefs.

Here’s the birthday girl, my BFF:

Kip and I spent the rest of the day with Anna’s friend Joseph, who was also getting older that day, and some of their friends from their ward.  Our activities included homemade root beer (yum x100), sparklers, and our local Baskin Robbins ice cream parlour, although Kip skipped that part because apparently the last time he was in there he hit on a fifteen year old who shunned him like the plague (good for her).

As soon as it got dark we camped out on a vacant patch of grass and watched the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire show that we refused to go to as all it was playing was country strong music.  We are still dead set against country music, even if we DID enjoy (too much) watching Gwyneth Paltrow get her drink on in that one flick.  I thought of you all, and took 4 minutes of footage for you: (also, I am NOT technologically savvy, so just hum a Beatles song of your choice while watching.  Or something American, whatevs)

Here’s a picture just in case you’re too lazy to click “play:”

We ended our Saturday night by crossing something off of Anna’s bucket list: skinny dipping in Deer Creek by the moonlight.  Here’s a picture… just kidding.  We’re not at the peepers part yet.

On Sunday we prepared ourselves for the upcoming festivities.  Anna asked me to put something a little patriotic on her ankle with Henna.  She’ll enjoy this beaut for the next week and a half:

To our foreign amazement, our American friends had begun crowding the streets, setting up camps, outdoor movies, outdoor x-box gaming stations, hot dog centers, dance parties.  Everyone went all out.  This guy took the opportunity to compose some patriotic beats:

While this guy spread some love:

The above was perhaps the most inventive seating arrangement I have ever encountered.  It sure made me glad not to be American.  All I could think was “the creator of this has a mother, surely?”

To be fair, Anna and I had a chat about how much we admire American patriotism.  The only time that we brits get together like this is if there’s a big football match or a royal wedding!  It’s sort of a shame.  So Americans, we salute you.

Enjoy a barrage of parade photographs:

Please take the time to marvel at the Von Trapps.  All I have ever wanted is to BE THEM and wear those curtain clothes.  I’m going to re-post the cowboy, simply because it will let you all know that when it comes to photography, I gots the skills:

Ah, nothing says “America” like an asian Kung Fu- inspired float.  Nothing says “America” like a float led by MY national flag (I really enjoyed that one).

THIS was the highlight of my whole experience (you all know how much I love my Stormies)

Next we have the worlds most upstanding citizens- Hurray for the missionaries of the Provo MTC!

And here is what we foreigners typically imagine America looks like:
… These next guys, I think, were obviously lost… Right?

FINALLY, I captured this little tyke partly because he looked so adorable, but mostly because I KNEW he was spending most of his morning discouraged because he was wearing a skirt, and I’m positive he didn’t get enough ice cream to compensate…

AND NOW, because you’ve all been so patient, we come to the “peepers” part of the post.  I feel like I could get into trouble for discussing the following picture in too much detail.  But, if the balloon blowing perpetrator is reading, we can just put this all down to life experience.  I’m just saying that I would have given VERY specific instructions as to the design of my own hat…… and my own sword.

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