I finally got around to watching this incredibly insightful documentary that reveals the intensity and creativity behind the production of the worlds leading fashion magazine.  One in ten women in America buy the September issue of Vogue.  Such colossal success comes only at the hands of Anna Wintour- the real life Meryl Streep of fashion editing.   I adored my little insight to this world of editing and professional banter that is always fast paced and cut throat.

I found myself feeling a little sad when I considered Wintour’s piece of mind.  There were moments in her interviews that I could sense- or at least the documentarist’s editing made me sense- that she regretted the lack of personal ties that she had in her life.  She notes that her children are her only weakness, and speaks of her brothers and sister in a way that attributes them to mere acquaintances.  She implies that their conception of her career and business is somewhat trivial.  When it comes down to it, you can see the disappointment she has, that her family doesn’t share or appreciate her world- because her career quite simply is her world.

I respect Wintour- and so man other women and men featured in the documentary- for the passion that they have for their highly influential and artistic work.  I hope I can display likewise passion in all aspects of my life.


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  1. I watched this on Friday after reading this post. Pretty good movie. She didn’t seem as mean/rude as they made her out to be in the Devil Wears Prada. I really enjoyed it!

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