Remember when I blogged for about a two years that I was in dyer need of an umbrella, and then I finally bought one (well, mum did at least)?  Well, yesterday the pride and joy of my Autumn-slash- Winter-slash-Spring wardrobe collapsed in a defiant protest against one little windy rainstorm.  I was so irked that I emailed the company:

Dear TOTES Customer Service,

I purchased one of your umbrellas about 4 months ago.  I shopped around and decided to go with a TOTES, partly because I thought the chic leopard print would go magically with the majority of my wardrobe, but mainly because I know you have a reputation for architecturally sound merchandise.  However, yesterday my
umbrella broke when I was using it (for it’s very purpose) in a downpour.  It was a little bit windy and the whole thing collapsed.  I tried to close it, then open it again- but that didn’t happen.

When I finally managed to open it- by this time I had managed to find shelter (but was completely drenched)- but when it opened, the metal skeleton had completely broken- almost all of the prongs had snapped and shot through the fabric of the umbrella.  I have attached pictures of the tragic incident.  Not pictures of me soaking wet- that would be weird.  But please find attached photographic evidence of the crapness that is your very expensive, very flimsy umbrella.  Please send me a new (and improved) Umbrella.  I’m talking the umbrella version of the Nimbus 10,000.


Cross your fingers that they shower me with gift cards!


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