At approximately 9.37 pm on Wednesday I turned dreiundzwanzig.  Despite a grilling exam, the hi-lights of my birthday experience include balloon deliveries, cheesecake, flower deliveries, cute notes, wearing jeans to work (took a liberty on that one), telling a professor “I have to go… well, I don’t have to go, but I’m going to go anyway because it’s my birthday,” Ben and Jerry magically appearing in my freezer, this video, Anna, the most incredible and unexpected doorstep gift (that came with no note), and Whitney’s darling comment, “and you don’t look a day over sixteen!”  I think I have resolved to quit trying to feel at all “different” because frankly in this town it’s easy to feel “older” with each passing day.  But I will say that I’m excited for another year of honestly wonderful shenanigans. I am incredibly blessed.

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  1. whitney blaire andersen · · Reply

    we are incredibly blessed to have YOU in our lives!! let’s be honest here!! ♥

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