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I may or may not have thrown up a little, writing “Y’ALL.”  That truly was a freak occurrence, so I do hope you american readers enjoyed it while it lasted.  On to bigger and better items of business…

Today is Christmas day, Ebenezer Scrooge is currently skittering about the town purchasing oversized turkey and the like, and good old Saint Nick is finishing his rounds somewhere in the pacific islands.

It has been a drowsy Christmas so far, as I didn’t quite manage sleeping last night for one reason or another.  That being said, I refuse your sympathy as I have quite enjoyed lounging around all day, opening gifts, eating turkey, playing Boggle, and watching movies with the family.  Let it be known that the amount of word invention that goes on when my family plays Boggle is positively shocking.  Also, though I know for a fact that I have blogged about it in the past, may I once again sing the praises of the film Dan in Real Life.  Such a beautifully scripted piece (I said “piece” so you can all trust my very educated, very prestigious opinion).

Some thoughts about  the year… I suppose the organized portion of my being is rather distressed, knowing full well that a recap of the year should have been its own post.  Then again, I think we can all agree that the “organized portion of my being” is but a small percentage of said being, and is buried under other, more telling portions of my being.  With that (somewhat un-proclaimed justification), here are some pivotal thoughts, assigned to months of the year… okay so the organized self is not too far away)…

JANUARY- Technology is ridiculously advanced in ways that I never before comprehended.  What was the catalyst of this realization?  Watching Avatar in 3d.  What confirmed this realization? The introduction of the ipad later in the year.

FEBRUARY- Charities for pets are a waste of my time.  Though I agree that they stimulate and encourage the idea of responsibility and compassion, I associate more honor with charities that assist human beings.  People who support animal charities ought to be obligated to first support human ones.

MARCH- Every responsible human being (citizen of the world) should make some effort toward awareness of their own planet.  I accept the idea that some people cannot comprehend something greater than themselves by way of religion.  But neglecting culture, citizenship and a general awareness of current events and practices in one’s own world is unacceptable.

APRIL- Being friendly and being british have their advantages, especially in tax return season.  There are always strings to be pulled.  Equally as simple: there are always easy ways to blow tax returns.

MAY- Family is the closest thing we have to experiencing divine order.  One day I hope to be part of a patriarchal unit to better understand the role of family.  But as for now, learning to perfect ones role as a member of any family- be it biological or otherwise- is a worthy feat.

JUNE- Sometimes, just BEING is absolutely fine.  I spend a lot of time worrying about the future, worrying about what I’m doing, my methods and shortcomings.  But I think that learning to pace ones self, learning to breathe and to appreciate chaos for what it is, is a subtle skill: one worth refining.

JULY- Holding on to that stomach twisting feeling of betrayal and hurt is the most dangerous form of self destruction out there.  Some of you will know that I had an admittedly difficult time moving past such a stumbling block these past couple of years.  That’s embarrassing to admit. Especially considering that a boy could be the root of it all.  That being said, I’m delighted to say that I consider July to be the month wherein I learned to let go of that disappointment and trust more in myself.

AUGUST- Regardless of a busy schedule, planning reflective alone-time is too valuable to miss.

SEPTEMBER- Emerson is one of the most human writers you will ever come across.

OCTOBER- Breakfast really isn’t my cup of tea.  Though I have never made breakfast a usual part of my life, I made a pointed effort to have breakfast every week day this semester.  I can conclude that this has done very little to enhance my morning experience.

NOVEMBER- Making time to visit the temple every week appeases my organized self.  In November I also revisited a truth that I was already aware of: rudeness, especially verbal crudeness, is my least favorite thing.  I actually came across a group of hideously crude british boys in a restaurant who had the whole room on edge thanks to their behavior.  I just don’t enjoy tipping 200% because I’m embarrassed for my fellow countrymen.

DECEMBER- I’m stronger than Connor.

In all fairness, it has been a wonderful year of growth.

So, my gift for you all is a peek into the lives of stormtroopers.  I don’t feel like I need a reason why.


  1. Um, love it. Love you. Miss you. I want to do a year reflection. I’ll have it ready when you get home.

  2. […] THIS was the highlight of my whole experience (you all know how much I love my Stormies) […]

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