When I got of my plane (thank you, Swiss Air, for pulling through when BA couldn’t), I was greeted by a much taller version of my littlest brother, Connor.  He is approximately a whole head taller than me now, which means that somehow he grew 2 heads in six months.  If you’re wondering how this is at all possible, you obviously haven’t met any of my brothers.  Feeling outdone, I made a last attempt to recover my pride.  I challenged Connor to an arm-wrestle.

As my mother says, I am indeed as strong as an ox. I am happy to report that I thrashed Connor, though he put up a good fight, especially when I even let him stand and use 2 hands to try and beat me.

PS. yes, that picture was Connor, covered in bar code stickers.  Perhaps for christmas I will treat you all to a gallery of strange pictures of my brothers doing stupid things.


  1. LOVE

  2. Shoot, I accidentally hit the wrong button. I meant to say: LOVE it!!!! Way to be a woman!

  3. he’s only13 you brute….

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