I have come to terms with the fact that the semester.  If it’s at all possible, I think I came to terms with that fact back in October.  There are a few classes in one’s scholastic career that one will inevitably struggle through and barely pass.  It just so happened that all of these such classes came at once,  and I am already dreading the idea that I might be forced into department counseling for my poor performance.  I justify myself in the self assurance that hey, I have a temple recommend and that’s all that matters in my life.  If they kick me out of school, we’ll have to boost my blog reader numbers or set up a “Fan Funding” account.  I know you all want to pay for the lifestyle to which I am accustomed…

In more exciting news, I am GOING HOME!  My mother will be delighted at my calling Germany “home,” even though it really is not.  Reasons I am excited to go “home”: CONNOR.  LOGAN.  ALASTAIR. DAD AND MUM.  Mince pies, a large bed (I always stick to one side, but its nice to know I have options), german christmas markets, practicing my german (wo ist die toiletten, bitte?  wie viel kostet das?), annual IKEA trip with mama, watching Home Alone with my boys, politely declining this event and that event with people I do not know, but going anyway because I have to, fighting with mum over which way to cook Christmas dinner, and how set the table.  Most of all, I am excited to be able to just BE: read, write, organize my life etc.

Now that you’re all informed, I can pack.

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