Two Thoughts

Thought one: Today was the day that I looked in the mirror and noticed that reality is in fact not at all what is going on in my mind. In my MIND, I am still pre-adolescent both in features and in thought. Sometimes I wonder if people think like kids still. Lots of “grown up” things freak me out and I feel like a kid picking through them. The reality is that I look light-years different, and it sort of caught up with me. How odd that human beings can change so much.
Thought two: I feel like a lot of people think it is a tragedy that there are single 22 year olds out there. To defend my kind (or perhaps just put in a plug for those of humanity OUTSIDE of the P-town bubble): I can think of only TWO disadvantages of not being married right now, and ONE of those reasons involves taxes. So… yeah.

One comment

  1. anyone married who is younger that 22 is the tragedy, outside of p-town. which, by the way, is the rest of the world. single and 22. own it.

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