Ecltectic Thoughts of Autumn

Some random things I have been thinking, which I happened to take the time to write down yesterday afternoon as I waited for the rain to ease up enough that I could vacate the building and go home. First, Lady Gaga. Let it be known that there are very few of her practices that I admire. Despite this, Haili threw a Gaga party to which I came dressed as the following:

Scary, no? We actually ended up crashing a huge party that was going on in Provo. Yes, the strange gaga-esque group of girls amongst the other 600 normal-looking people included me. Though I was absolutely petrified to totter through the crowds in ridiculously, well, ridiculous shoes, I have to say that it was the most liberating experience of my life! There’s something wonderful about feeling very anonymous despite hundreds of glances and the same repeated reaction of shock. About 50 people came and told me I was their hero, to which I replied, “naturally,” and a great number of people insisted upon taking our photograph. wonderful.

Next random thought: It appears that 90% of my brain is made up of procrastination components. Why? What happened? Do I qualify as athe expert procrastinator yet- and could this, in any anthropologically cultural setting, be conceived as a “good” thing? Despite my efforts to be ultra organized this semester, there’s only so much a Moleskin can do for me.

Which brings me to my Moleskin. HOW I ADORE THEE. There is something innately prestigious about whipping out a Molesking in the middle of class. I quite enjoy the idea that perhaps everyone is guessing that I am ultra sophisticated in the organization department. Honestly, it’s probably the most ridiculously expensive act of brand-conformity of my life. To this truth, I say: “sue me. I love my leather bound paper friend.” Emerson is amongst the many who swore allegiance to the Moleskin. That makes it okay, right? Moleskin, welcome to the family. Next query of the semester: How is it that my memory is this terrible? If i had the time/ patience/ really cared I would find out the scientific reasons as to why my brain cannot handle things that I would like to remember. I suppose I just want to complain at the fact that my iTunes play count of “The Only Exception” (Paramore) is almost at 100, yet the only thing I have memorized is the chorus (“You are the only exception” x4)

Next, TV. WHY is it that good tv season happens to fall on back-to-school season?? This is unacceptable! Why can’t it all happen during the summer, when I have nothing better to do with myself than watch countless hours of medical drama, musical comedy and such?

The Jesse Knight Building, where I happen to spend most of my school life these days. What architectural sense does this building make? It is inconsistent, maze-like and inconvenient.

Next thought of the day: I realized, as I was taking my seat in the Physical Science lecture hall, that I had double booked science with another appointment- how tragic for science, because as you all know, pretty much ANYTHING takes precedence over physics in my eyes. So I quickly slipped out of the hall and rushed out into the rain. While making my great escape I suddenly felt like one of those men who get fired and are so embarrassed that they don’t tell their wives and instead, they get dressed up every day and “head off to work” when really they wander around aimlessly all day.

Next, Why would I wear a rain coat to school, but still be wearing open toed shoes?

Also, why don’t I own Wellies or an umbrella? As for a note on this beautiful Fall season: Utah is handling it very well: the colours are beginning to change beautifully, and God saw fit to remind me of Home with plenty of rain. I love my life.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Love these random thoughts. If you find out anything about the procrastination thing…let me know.

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