Blogger Bah Humbug

Every night I have told myself that now would be a very good time to end my non- intentional blog fast. Alas, you will have noticed that I have ignored every such impulse and instead gone on with my strange existence. I am now in Germany once again, and as you can tell from the above picture, the weather has been foul. Raining off and on, ridiculous grey skies: it’s a downright outrage. Having said that, today has been lovely, and I currently write out here in the garden, under the awning because it’s so bright and sunny. Currently the parents are in New York, picking up Alastair from his now completed mission- they are thrilled, of course, and we in Germany are just itching to see him! Meanwhile I have been showing my college roommate Anna Frankfurt, Bad Homberg and Heidelberg (mainly I’ve been giving her tours of the shops. What more can I say?). It has been great fun having her here!

I am rather fond of the public transportation system here. What a miraculous system. Not only do I feel rather proud of myself for assisting in maintaining such a healthy and much less polluted environment, but I am constantly supplied with people watching opportunities, which of course is one of my favourite things. More about that another time. Heidelberg, while we are on the subject, provided me with an opportunity to exercise patience with the german people. One in particular. Who knew one could reserve seats on a 30 minute train ride in second class. Who knew one would be so adamant to sit in such a seat even though 90% of the carriage was completely devoid of other persons? Who might have supposed that someone else sitting in ones supposed reserved seat might be so infuriating?? You will all be happy to know that I refrained from popping such a man square in the eye. Instead I quickly removed myself and spent the 30 minutes loudly denouncing such childish and arrogant behavior.
That said, Germany is quite lovely- while the sun lasts, that is. I shall try to write a little more later!

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  1. I love your writing keep up the blog… if I were in charge of a magazine this would be entitled: "The best blog YOU'RE not reading."Hollie Mckee's eloquence speech is a treat for the mind. The from the serious topics she address to the funny's of the day there is nothing this blog doesn't offer readers. I would not be surprised if in a few years her life is turned into a major motion picture or a reality show for MTV! The people she comes in contact with are all fascinating, especially long time friend Karem Rodriguez who recently got married….Something like that! 😉 Glad I can read about your stuff again! 🙂 Love, Karem Ryker

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