Oh No

The irritation of my day would be the above. No, this is not a picture of my exploding brain due to finals (curse you, geology). Nor is it a pitcure of my exploding brain due to panic/ cluelessness concerning my future. It is actually a picture of the volcano in Iceland. I am considering whether or not I should tell you the real reason that I am irritated… I could tell you that I am very anxious to know that the people are safe and well- I am, I really am… But mainly… alright fine, I’ll admit it. Mainly I am anxious about my spring plans. Will I wever get to Europe next month?!
Now that you’re all positive that I’m extremely self-obsessed and selfish, let’s move on. My favorite used bookstore in Provo is MOVING to Orem and I am terribly unhappy about it. Who wants to poke into a bookstore on State St in Orem, where, let’s face it, could easily be Reno for all of its aesthetic let- downs. I very much dislike State St in Orem.
I think it’s a good thing that I can identify with the fact that right no I am being a Debbie Downer. Care to make my day?

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