Today Will Be Beautiful

Hello blans (blog-fans. I like to pretend you exist.)! I got to bed late last night after spending the entire weekend, it seemed, cleaning slash organizing my teeny tiny apartment. I will not pretend that it took less than 7 hours to organize my showes and clothes. I will also refrain from lying about the fact that my desk is still a disaster, untouched. The living room, however, looks great. On saturday I found a bookcase on [serious] sale so, after ploughing my way through the most foreign looking instruction manual of my life, my roommate and I managed to set it up. It’s amazing what a bookcase can do to a room. I feel ridiculously distinguished! Anyway. Other things that made my weekend a ball of sunshine:
Indian food
The hot sun (hello Utah desert)
Random blogfans adding me on facebook (yeah, you!)
Stake Conference
Clean sheets
Chatting with silly brothers on the phone
This week, being the last week of classes, promises to be stressful and panic- filled. But… Waking up to the sunshine, a cancelled class, and She & Him really clears that right up!
PS I realize that my chirpiness is nausiating… but get over it! Today rocks!

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