Happy Easter!


This week is conference weekend- Which is the best way I can think of spending Easter! When we were kids Mum would hide sweets and chocolate in the garden and we would go hunt for them. And of course- English tradition alert- we would get a chocolate easter egg, which would consist of a huge chocolate egg designed in accordance with our favourite candy bar. Mine was usually Rolo’s. It was spectacular! What are YOUR traditions?
Enjoy this youtube video from Mormon Messages. Yes, I got all techno-savvy and posted a youtube video. Which has opened up so many doors for me that I feel like a pro. You can expect to be enjoying lots more where that came from!
I want you all to know, in this Easter season, that I know that Christ lives. He came to this earth in the most humble of circumstances, but led a perfect life, being the perfect example. He healed the sick and taught fundamental lessons and principles. He atoned for each of our sins and willingly was sacrificed. And he was resurrected! Which is what we celebrate today. I know that He lives and loves us. I can testify that he knows me personally. I hope that you watch the above, and ponder the role of Christ in your lives.
While we are on the subject of churchy things, I have to share an experience (be excited)! Last weekend I had just gotten my little paycheck and some money from my parents. It was wonderful- I thought, Hurray! Now I can pay all of the bills I have been procrastinating! I looked at my money and counted it thoroughly. I realized that I was looking a little low and considered paying my tithing next week instead. In my religion, we have made the decision to donate ten percent of our income to the church. In the scriptures we are promised that if we do this first and foremost, we will be blessed. I contemplated this decision and finally decided to have a little faith and pay my tithing. The next day I checked my bank balance and to my utter horror, I didn’t have enough money to pay rent! I was so upset. I panicked and wondered what on earth I could do? I knew that I had a 20 dollar note in my purse, so I decided to deposit it at the ATM. When I got there, I considered the fact that I could have some extra funds in my British account. I checked- there was a hundred dollars there. So I withdrew that, still sad because rent is far from being $120! Regardless, I began to deposit my notes into the ATM. And they kept coming. $120: deposited. $220: deposited. $320: deposited. $420 deposited. The 20’s kept rolling out of my wallet, every time I stuck my hand in there for more. I stood, astonished, as I checked my final balance. I have heard of similar stories of those faithful people who pay their tithing- but never did I think I would be blessed with such a tangible experience. I know that it was a blessing for paying my tithing!

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