Today I Published a Book

The following is a link to my very first book! I had to do a project for one of my usage classes, and while others decided to intern edit or write papers, I decided to write a terminology dictionary! It is available for purchase at

Pardon Me
The American’s Guide to British Terminology
By L. Hollie McKee

To the Americans, the British continue to be a fascinating selection of the Earth’s population. Whether the influence is The Beatles, Harry Potter, or Mr. Darcy: Americans giggle and coo over British vocabulary and diction. Therefore, I submit a condensed translating dictionary of British terms and usage for the American convenience. May your eyes (and minds) be opened to the fruits of our intense and varying language- which was your language until you simplified the laws of spelling.


  1. I am sooooo going to buy this book.

  2. this is the type of book one would find in urban outfitters… you should approach them with the idea!

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