I thought I’d take a break…

… from my midnight studying which has been catered by my lovely roommate Johanna. Which reminds me: sour cream and onion pringles always make me smile because when Alastair and I were maybe 7 and 8, we had our cousins Ben and Jordan over for the weekend and happened to eat a box of them. Jordan- who is now a studly Durham graduate with a hottie wife and adorable baby girl- had maybe twice as many pringles as we did and and consequently let out a humungous “blow off” which we all thought was hilarious- because lets, face it: to a 7 or 8 year old absolutely nothing is funnier.
I feel like my blog is taking a strange turn now that I’m plastering old fart stories left right and center.
To prove to you that it has just been “one of those days,” may I relate to you what happened to me during my English Language Editing exam today.
Question one had me stumped. And when you’re stumped on question ONE, you can pretty much expect life to take a downhill course. To be fair, I think I quite rocked the remainder of the test, but as of ten minutes before my time would be up and points would be lost forever: I was stumped.
I spent 8 minutes cursing the skies and whomever it is in my ancestry that thought it would be funny to make sure I was the one who would get their awful memory retention skills. Finally, in the last two minutes, I wrote the following in place of the essay that ought to have accompanied the carefully penned “Q1:”
“As my luck would have it, my mind has escaped me. Consequently I feel stupid [here I drew a frowny face]. Heavenly Father loves me though.”
Quite frankly, if that doesn’t get me a point it will be downright un-Christian.

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  1. DANG GIRL! You make me laugh! Those tests WERE brutal. Thank goodness that is ALL over with! Hurray!

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