Martin Luther King jr. Day… A day of Dreams!

Martin Luther King jr. made his mark on the world changing the face of social America and the views of people all over the world. Of course, he should have his own holiday. As is usual with all holidays, I usually take the time to sleep longer than necessary and effectively waste 24 hours wondering what to do with myself. This holiday, however: NOT SO. I officially nominate this to be the best spend holiday ever.
Anna and I slept in until 8am (which is good for us on a school day) and made omlettes and fruit smoothies. We sat at our kitchen table and spied on the neighbors (nothing noteworthy to report) while enjoying a heart breakfast.
Then, after showers etc., we decided to head to Park City for some out-of-provo fun!

Then, after the scenic drive through the canyon, we hopped into the hot tub for a little R&R before dressing fancy and heading to the movies. We decided to see Sherlock Holmes which was, to our surprise, absoluetly fantastic. I was a little dubious about Downey as Sherlock, but WOW he pulled it off wonderfully. Go see the movie.
THEN, on our way out of the theater we saw a poster for AVATAR and thought, why not? Bravo James Cameron, Bravo. Avatar was quite simpley breathtaking. Logan went to see it when I was in Germany and I thought it was funny that he said he wanted to BE one of them- but he was so right. It was phenominal.
Cooking news- because I know you all miss my cooking news- on Sunday we hosted ward Happy notes in our apartment, so I catered the event with baked treats. Thanks to Martha Stewart, I made some great jame filled cupcakes topped with creamy nutella and Pecans. They were well received. Also, this coming Sunday, some friends and I will be cooking for our Bishop and his family! This si very exciting for me. Any recipe ideas are, as usual, welcomed.

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