There’s Egg on Your Chin!

new saying I learned today- origin: Yorkshire (apparently- feel free to correct)- meaning: your flies are undone.
On another note: Happy New Year! Christmas was wonderful- Frankfurt is snow-covered and chilly, but the house is warm and beautifully decorated. You will all be so proud of me: I stuffed my first turkey, all by myself (with a little help from Martha Stewart)! Martha advised me that my stuffing had to be piping hot as it went into the turkey- which confused me because she was shoveling it in with her hands. How was I supposed to do it with my hands if it was piping hot?! So I opted to do it with a spoon and fork. I crammed it in there and by the time I did, the turkey looked twice the size! I smothered the turkey in butter, arranged a bed of vegetables and dumped the turkey on top. It was sensational.
My time has been occupied with board games, far too much television and a disgusting but satisfying talent of sleeping in.
Of the aforementioned television watching, I must take a moment to rave about CRANFORD, a period series supplied by, of course, the BBC. Judi Dench at her finest, and writing at its most supple. I enjoyed it immensely and recommend it to you all.
The New Year was okay. I feel it a little tedious to admit publically my disdain for feeling like a sore thumb, but I am sure we can all agree on the matter. I spent the new year on a dance floor (standing still- the awkwardness is already apparent) completely SINGLE whilst couples with at least 20 years of marriage under their belts jiggled and bopped around me sporting the best dance moves of the mid ’80s. Coupledom. Jiggling. And me.
On the plus side, I learned a lovely Portuguese tradition: at midnight everyone ate 12 raisins and made a wish on each one. I used the same wish for at least 6 raisins because when it comes down to the wire and glasses are clinking and couples are kissing and everyone is hugging everyone frantically, it became stressful and I didn’t want my wishing time to expire. in retrospect, I might suppose that 12 is a hefty number, and it is quite easy to get greedy with 12 wishes. 3 should suffice in the future.
My Resolutions of the year (I am writing them so that you may feel like you may scold me when I slip) are the following:
1. to study the Book of Mormon every day
2. to read the Ensign every month
3. to submit one manuscript to a publisher every month
4. to dedicate one day per week to only classical or spiritual music on my ipod
5. to read more
6. to learn how to better manage my money (or lack thereof).
Tomorrow I will fly back to the states, ready for another semester of school and excited for a new and hopefully eventful year!
My love to you all, and dear blessings for the year! Thank you for reading!

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