Finals are Nigh

There is one more day left of school, then on to finals! Of COURSE, I am far from prepared, having spent a lot of time preparing for Christmas and Germany and just life in general. I wonder what it feels like to truly be on top of everything?
I will take a minute to express to you how utterly excited I am to hop on that plane and touch down in Europe! I am SO excited. You know how when you like a boy a ton and every other minute you think of him? It’s like that. I am SO excited to be done with exams and be with my family!
This year I have handmade my wrapping paper. I painted it all. My roommate laughed at me, but the joke was on my when I finished and they looked rather fantastic. Christmas is my ultimate favourite time of the year.
The other breaking news is that I AM IN CHARGE OF THE CHRISTMAS DINNER THIS YEAR! Mum said I could cook it this year- so I am thrilled. I can’t wait until I have a spare moment to surf my favourite cooking sites for delectable recipes and tips. Also this will be my first time cooking a turkey from scratch. So… wish me luck! Also, please comment/ email me any good recipe ideas.
peace out.


  1. http://www.tastespotting.comthis site updates constantly with tons of amazing looking dishes..right now it seems that they have tons of sweets and treats out. Most of them take you to the recipes on people's blogs etc. i enjoy checking in every now and then and trying things that look especially amazing. maybe they can help you? -Lawrence

  2. I totally understand……I am so ready to be home and done with finals. I hope this is enough for your comments. Enjoy!

  3. how do you feel about handling RAW poultry. I hope this won't be an issue for you.

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