Thanksgiving week: A Synopsis

My current mood is pensive- mainly due to Ingrid Michaelson, whose subtle tones and thought provoking lyrics are currently swimming from my earbuds at this moment in time. You know how some songs or kinds of music can just put you into one of those frames of mind? You find yourself sitting, thinking- what did I do right today? What didn’t I do? What could I have said better? What could I have left unsaid? Did I have the courage to do something brilliant today? Anything so magnificent that maybe, just maybe, someone might remember it forever? I don’t know why I don’t live every day by asking myself these questions every morning. Perhaps I should begin such a practice. In the mean time, here is a very eclectic [as usual] accounting for some of the thought processes/ events that have happened lately.
Number one: I considered this week all of the photographs that I could be in- in the background. Not MY photographs, or my friends, or ones that I could end up being “tagged” in on facebook. But the ones that strangers take that you end up being in regardless of your concern or permission. What incredible number of family photo albums could I be in, on dusty shelves across the world? It’s a scary albeit ridiculous thought to consider, yes, but… for a moment at least, humor me and consider it.
Secondly, the art of giving thanks. For it is an art, I hope you know. That was a trick- the world would have us believe that being grateful is an art- something that only talented and often educated peoples are granted. Not so. One ought to practice being grateful at every given opportunity. It is one of those moments when you will be as human as possible: in the good way, of course. Let me take the opportunity to tell you all that I am grateful today for the following: my family, as wonderfully different and genuine as they are; my brother Alastair in particular, who is serving the Lord on a full time mission. I don’t know if you out there reading realize how great that kid is. I’m thankful that I have at least some inclination. My friends. Experiences good and bad and the lessons I have learned from both. The gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon- an incredible book that I learn from every day. Every page is as real and true as I sit here typing. If you don’t have one, you NEED one in your life- contact me and I will send you one for christmas. No joke. I’m also grateful for christmas trees, my crock pot and pancakes today.
Thirdly, christmas. Christmas shopping is perhaps the best activity on the planet. University mall just opened an incredible christmas shop that is very inexpensive, has an overwhelming cinnamon air and is officially my new happy place. We decorated our tree last night. If you live close, forget Temple Square- visit MY APARTMENT for a christmas light experience. It’s beautiful. Rumor has it that if you make a wish while touching our christmas tree, it will come true. So come visit. Unless you are boy- you can come later this week, when we finally get mistletoe (wishing is something, but mistletoe might help your chances).
That’s about all I have time for right now. And no photograph- sincere apologies- because I can’t be bothered to locate my cord and plug it in and download and upload etc. Next time, I promise.

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  1. Hey I can't get a hold of you. Your phone doesn't seem to be working. Are you ok? email me back please!

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