On My Mind

1. Snow. It finally happened. And I still need an umbrella and rainboots. Come on blog fans!
2. How wonderful my bed is. Dark Purple sheets with tan/gray linnen sounds ick, but it’s really so classy. I’ll post a picture soon.
3. How embarrassing it is to break down in the middle of the library. Snot, everywhere. Puffy eyes. On the plus side, I finally cried since April! Still more than I’d care for, but still. The Ice Queen is melting.
4. My strange dream that came to me last night. Devon and I went to a laundromat owned by the Mafia. They made us buy hallowe’en costumes so that we could chaperone a pool party. The Devon’s mom got mad at us for going to that laundromat instead of the one she uses which is run by elves. You can see why this is STILL on my mind…
5. The monster midterm I have tomorrow.
6. Haili Gregson’s musical genius. She made me a special mix CD (don’t bother asking her for one because she only does this for special people… me) and I LOVE it.
7. Sweatpants. For the first time in Hollie History, I shall be attending classes in sweatpants today. I really hope I don’t run into you.

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