Blog fans, I have neglected you for a short time. Not the best of habits, I know. I apologize profusely. Lately I have been experiencing something not unlike senioritis- only I’m not a senior… and I’m not in high school… so my claims to this “disease” are quite unfounded. Life has just been catching up with me! Am I in the right major? Am I doing the best I possibly can in my classes? Am I balancing my time appropriately (a 3 hour nap on a Friday afternoon says “no”)? Am I doing everything I should be doing right now?
I think we, as humans, like to throw ourselves into ruts every now and then. I say “throw ourselves” because, really, we cannot expect to presume that anyone other than our own selves are responsible for how our day turns out, our thought processes and our priorities; especially when we live in the sorts of societies that we do.
I feel a tremendous amount of inability and inadequacy. Why? Because I allow myself to have this small moment to wallow in before I know that I will pick myself up, brush myself off and get the heck on with it. Why then, if I have this knowledge, do I allow myself to wallow? My only answer is a feeble excuse: I’m human. If I didn’t, this world would not be enough for me and I’d have surely fulfilled my life’s purpose and be on to bigger and better things than humanism.
Allow me to take a detour (for your own sanity, I presume) and tell you about some other things that have happened recently.
BIKING. One glorious Sunday afternoon, after a glorious morning at church (kudos to Keith Evans for a fantastic sunday school lesson), I decided to get out of my teensy couple-filled apartment (couples aren’t my favourite thing right now. Only because I’m not one…) and hopped on the bike. I found the Provo trail and followed it to the very beginning. I followed Julie Andrew’s advise and started at the very beginning (it actually is a very good place to start).
I had my ipod going, and soon Iron and Wine, Busta and Coldplay had joined my feast of nature. A thousand storylines and plots came to me and life was good. I hit Utah Lake shortly thereafter. When I say shortly I mean trillions of miles later (about 10).
By the time I got home I could not feel my butt. 5 minutes later, I could feel it, and it was in major pain.
Why did I do it all again on Monday? My butt has no idea.
In other news, Haili and I spent some quality time together this week- long overdue I might add- but only after we went on a BIKE RIDE (my butt hates me). Anna and also had a friend date this week.
Work is the one thing that I quite enjoy in my day. How odd is that? I took a few escalated calls for fellow workers this week, and a few escalated emails. It used to be that escalated calls (which is a polite way of saying “customers who have their knickers in a twist”) would make me shake make palms sweat. Now, however, I get excited- I crack out our list of policies and rules and hit my customers over the head with it! Just kidding. I am very polite, but very unwavering. They call me the iron fist. They don’t really, but it would be cool.
And that’s it. For now.

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