Bedtime Reading

It strikes me that I have not told you, my blog fans, what I am reading lately. Let me kill the suspense (I know you were all concerned about it): Due the the pure volume of reading my major requires of me, I am not currently reading anything too spellbinding for pleasure.
However, tonight I shall be reading “Aiding Developing Countries through Non Governmental Organizations, as Opposed to Directly Supplying Corrupt Governments,” an essay I wrote in my freshman English 150 class. Why?
I’ll admit to you all that lately I feel like I am sinking away [albeit subconsciously] from the things that once concerned me intensely. This is a tragedy of the highest degree! And so, as tonight is a non- cooking night (left-over wednesdays), I plan on re-reading past papers and essays, in order to re-evaluate my progressive mindset.
I’ll give you the cliff’s notes later.

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