In the Kitchen…

Today was not particularly fun at school. However, I came home to Johanna and her very incredible kitchen skills! She had embarked on one of her mother’s recipes: chicken enchiladas. They. Were. Spectacular!
She made them with cubed chicken, sour cream, corn tortillas, green chili’s, cheese and cream of chicken soup. This is the second dish we have chowed down this week that has involved sour cream. As such, I am feeling the effects and am longing for a good work out! Regardless of the calories that we refuse to calculate, it was incredible.
As it was a friday night and we were [somehow] home alone slash dateless, we thought it only appropriate to involve chocolate and [more] creamy goodness. Enter the cheesecake plan.
We created cheesecake mastery with the help of our friends at JELLO. However, we added our own little touches. After the traditional graham cracker base, we put down a chocolate fudge layer, then the cold cheesecake, then a chocolate mouse layer that we concocted.
Do I need to describe to you how utterly delectable our cheesecake was?
Didn’t think so.

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