In the Kitchen…

So my lovely new roommate, Johanna, and I have been feverishly cooking lately. On Sunday, we decided to make my mother’s famous and very yummy Spaghetti Bolognese. We combined our efforts in dicing and sautéing onions, plum tomatoes and garlic, to which we added some Prego (baby steps, blog fans, baby steps!), minced beef (it’s worth it to get the lean stuff- ask your butcher), and some other hebishness including, always, chives (Mum, this is my contribution/ addition).
THEN, believe it or not, we added SUGAR. Because all things nice include sugar and spice.
It was an epic attempt. The lovely Erika came over for dinner, bringing with her some wonderful sesame seed bread rolls, and we wolfed down our dinner with Parmesan Cheese which, I admit, I have finally given the “thumbs up”. As long as you don’t heap a whole pile of it on top of your food, which I have known people (/person) to do. It is an atrocious habit that robs the food of its original zest.
Last night, Johanna and I copied a little trick that one of our friends, Paul, attempted last week: fried slices of Zucchini! We didn’t stop there though: we also scalloped some sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, salted them lightly and ate them all together. It was wonderful! We decided that the sweet potatoes tasted the best. And that was our monthly intake of olive oil.
Next, we made one of my personal favourites, Apple Dumplings. I cannot describe the method in which we created such a masterpiece as it is HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL and very sensitive material. I’m sure you all understand. I swore Jojo to secrecy, so don’t even bother trying to squeeze the secrets out of her either. Apple Dumplings are, quite frankly, one of the greatest deserts. They are a staple: like pie, but a little fancier. We had tons left over, so I made up a tray for Devon because he was a hero that morning (Sydnee, my work buddy, and I had trouble getting her car to start, so Devon came out and gave us a jump at 6.50am. Seriously, “San Devo” or what?)
THEN (yes, there’s more) Jojo and I finished off the night by making orange/lemon jello- wait for it- with SODA. YES, our jello is FIZZY. We are desperately tying to get jello to successfully take on the shape of this jello tin I got at the DI. So far, no success, but we have our fingers crossed for this one. We’ll let you know.
Any food requests? Make them now, while we are enthusiastic about trying/ following new recipes!

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