Reaping the Rewards of Blogging

Something of the most curious nature has occured.  And now that I have your attention with my most Conan- Doyle mysterious tone, here it is…
You may recall (you, my faithful blog-fans… or “blans” I think I will call you…) that I posted a comment last week featuring a ridiculously beautiful scarf that I [jokingly] invited you all to purchase for me.
Some bloggers get movie deals: some bloggers get book contracts, slogan t-shirts etc.  Yours truly?  I get gifts from fans.  Yes, one of you lovely stalkers sent me a beautiful burnt orange pashmina today!  The package was completely anonymous, but tissue wrapped in a very exciting manner!  Well, the excitement was all me, but still.  Whoever you are (feel free to name yourself and I will feature you on this here blog), my deepest thanks!  It was the BEST suprise to come home to after a long day of work and school!
To my other fans: I guess mystery fan X beat you to it this time.  But in the interest of being fair, I’d could use an umbrella right now.  Also, an apron for all of my cooking exploits.  And sure, why not?

Diamonds from Tiffany’s.  


  1. I'm glad you like it. And, in response to your thank you, you're quite welcome.

  2. WHO ARE YOU?!?!?! come on, just a clue?

  3. hmm… clue? Well, an anonymous person usually doesn't want to become made known. So how about this, I will answer two yes/no questions, that way you may satisfy your curiosity. Fair?

  4. 1. do you have a history of creepy stalking that I should be concerned about?2. Are we very good friends who have hung out regularly?2. part b. Have I shown you the scarf and talked about it with you in person?

  5. c. where are we on the diamonds?

  6. (obviously kidding about the diamonds. DO NOT BUY ME DIAMONDS.)

  7. no, depending on how you define creepyyes, I suppose???, too much info…haven't you gotten them yet?

  8. I give up! just tell me!

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