Because Some of You Have Been Wondering…

A Day in the Life of Me, Summer Version, Current
5.30am Alarm goes off
6.ooam I give up on hitting “snooze”
6.30am Finished getting ready for work, grad a granola bar and head out to work
7.00am Clock in at work- check the news, a few favourite blogs, read scriptures
11.00am Lunch Break- wherein I sometimes go to the library to take back books/ check books out, go to the post office, call my aunt, write to Alastair, eat luch and/or lay out in the sun
12.00pm Clock back in at work
4.00pm Clock out and head home
4.30pm grab a book, towel and sun screen and head to the pool- check mail on the way- set up lounging station at the pool and read/ tan/ swim
6.00pm Change and go on bike ride/ run errands
7.00pm Shower and get ready for social engagement- which usually means an adventure with Haili and other friends, but is sometimes replaced with the occasional date (frequently? whatever…)
USUALLY home by 10.00pm (unless… I’m not…), chat with roommate, check email
10.30pm Hot tub/ Sauna jaunt
11.00pm Shower/ PJ time, sometimes watch an episode of FRIENDS
11.30 Sleepiness
3.00am wake up, get a drink, go back to bed

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