My Dream Summer

Last night Devon and I attended a lovely wedding reception for one of our close friends (congrats Loren and Anne!), and on the way home I decided to confide in him one of my dream summer plans. Upon sharing my idea, I was met with uncontrollable laughter which I thought was really rather discouraging! In fact, Devon thought that shovelling horse poo would be much more fun.
What would be so horrid about working at a vineyard for the summer? It would be an incredibly rewarding experience, learning the value of patience and hard work, checking on the grapes and walking up and down the rows all day. You could wear a pedometer and count the steps you take in one day- it would be great excercise! I also pointed out that you would get a lovely tan.
Furthermore, squishing the grapes to make grape juice would be exquisite fun, you could paint or read or write in the beautiful scenery when you were sick of the grapes and you could make lots of new friends and listen to their stories all day long. AND if you were in love, it is the perfect scenery for romance.
FINALLY: most fertilizers are made of horse poo, so I don’t see why he wouldn’t enjoy it. I have such stubborn friends.

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