Happy Mother’s Day!

This is my mother.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Gosh, my Dad’s lucky!
My mother has never missed a single event in my life.  Ever!  She was there for every play, every talk, every swimming class or art class.  She even taught my friends and I in an art class!  She is creative, dedicated and beautiful!  She is brave, and prioritizes perfectly.  I remember when she was about to go to the hospital to have Connor: labor had begun.  It’s possibly the scariest scenario I could imagine!  I asked her how she was feeling and she said, “so excited!”  Excited?  Can you imagine?!  
I am glad that I have always been great friends with my Mum.  Some people don’t have that relationship with their mother’s: how sad!  Even now, I know that the first person I can call for help or advice is her.  Even if she can never give me advice (usually this is only when I ask her “hey, what should I wear?”), she’ll be there, offering.
When Alastair and I were in reception class and year 1 class, we walked to school everyday.  It was far, and people would offer us a ride.  But we never really needed a ride: we would walk with mum in rain or shine, each of us holding onto Logan’s buggy.  Mum would quiz us the whole way there, “If I had 7 apples and gave Alastair 3, how many apples would I have left?”, or “spell t-a-b-l-e”.  We would recite the articles of faith.  One time we even made it in a hail storm!  It was so much fun.
My mother is my favourite person.  If I could be even half the mother to my children that she is to us, I would be incredible.  People will say it all day today, “My mom’s the best there is!”  But MY mum… well, she really is!
I love you, Mum!

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