Hollie’s Summertime Advice to One and All

1. Popsicles. At Maceys, you can get 6 lime popsicles for $1. 2. Ponytails. 3. Sunscreen (let’s be smart, people), 4. One-piece bathing suits. Finally, they are on top of the fashion world. 4. Camping trips: this morning I was on my way to work and spotted all of the guys in my ward sleeping on their matresses… outside… maybe we could be a little more trditional about it. Whatever happened to tents and campfires? 6. Books: let us all make it a goal to READ more! In this world of facebook, red box, xbox and any other kind of cyber box- we are becoming so dependent upon technology (note the girl blogging away)! 7. Bike rides. 8. Photography- please document your lives! 9. weekend calls- most of us have free minutes at the weekend. Stinginess is no excuse. 10. Plants- everyone should own at least one plant. It’s just the rule.

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