Highlights of Winter Semester 2009

Beginning work, BYU Independent Study.  Moana Parker and I began at the same time, bonding instantly because we were both new.  The highlights of our day included break times, teasing our trainer, Ryan, and finding funny websites.

Roommate times with Anna.  We have now known each other almost… 2 years!  If I had my way, we would be roommates forever.  I will probably live above her garage when she has 6 kids and a hot hubby.

Birthday parties and movie nights with the FHE fam.  Devon and I blew up hundreds of balloons for Jamie’s birthday (well, I did most of the work.  He was too preoccupied with popping the balloons and watching Twilight-his fave).  I baked a 3 tier cake and we played a british fave, Pass the Parcel.  I don’t think I have ever felt more like a mother in my entire existence!   I had more fun stopping the music than they had doing the dares in each layer!

Karem’s awful spelling bee’s.  I cannot elaborate.

Temple fridays with Kyrstin- what a lovely girl!  I would get off work and run up there with her, then afterward we would go to the creamery for the kids meal (cheese burger, fries, ice cream and soda all for $3.29!), of course!

Shooting infomercials with the FHE fam.  Featured above, “How to Avoid Ninja’s”.  An instant classic- I shall attempt to locate the finished product and post it at a later date…

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