I’m into my second week of teaching Seminary and I feel like I was dropped into the deep end. Swimming in waves and waves of resources, tools and historical facts, figures, locations and stories… I worried: how on earth are we going to cover so much in so little time? And at 6am! What could […]

Well of course you know that I watched the royal wedding. I had a list as long as my arm of things I needed to get done but there I was, glued to the pomp and the circumstance like 2 billion other souls on the planet. The celebs and their iconic wardrobe choices (in contrast […]

There are many Nephi’s and Lehi’s written of in the Book of Mormon- and I suppose the real celebrity status of the names is afforded to the original father-son duo of Jerusalem and the wilderness, who came across the seas to the promised land. The Nephi I write to you about today is Alma [the younger’s] great grandson […]

Some say that silence is a friend. Or is it darkness? I can never remember… my observation, nevertheless, is that silence is least often a friend and more prevalently an unwelcome enemy. In silence, I’ve found an arena for self-doubt, despair, and what many professionals might casually term “spiralling”. In silence is loneliness… and too […]

Over Conference weekend I found myself buried under a pile of work that I wanted to catch up on. I’d resolved to store general conference sessions up so that I might make my usual pilgrimage the next day: I’d listen to the sessions as I wandered through art museums, searching for those paintings that depicted the […]

A month or so ago Elder Alan Phillips visited with us and something he said in sacrament meeting has made an impression on me. He observed that here and there in the Church today, he comes across gatherings where the saints place emphasis on perhaps not the right things. Activities, socialising and what he called […]

This past weekend was a semi-annual conference of my Church, where modern-day prophets, apostles and other leaders counsel with millions of members worldwide via satellite and internet. In six sessions messages of hope, love, warning and counsel are given. Since living in London, I’ve made a tradition for myself of listening to #ldsconf while roaming […]

Early this summer I went to an evensong service at Westminster Abbey. I always maintain that although Westminster Abbey is the beautiful and historic site of such events as Kate and William’s royal wedding- it’s surely the dustiest building in all of England. You’d think they could run a mop around with the number of […]

Here’s a lesson I taught at institute this summer. As with all the lessons I put together and record here, I wish I had a way to remember all of the comments that come out of our discussions. Those moments of sharing the spirit and sharing ideas are sacred moments of testimony and growth that […]

Sister Alana McCormack is serving as a family history missionary in our ward. She spends a lot of her time being the kind of missionary who jumps across the veil from time to time. I love her willingness to quietly serve others. She is a smartie and I love her. Here is her talk from […]